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Flip Video Website
Flip Video Support (get answers, find out how, ask questions and get answers)
Flip Help Menu - This is a great source for finding answers to questions about the camera and the software.


1. Hands on with the camera - a quick overview of the camera and how to use the camera.

2. Lets make a movie together - "Stayin Alive"

3. On your own movie - (1) shoot "everyday events" (2) upload video clips to your computer (3) edit, clips, add a title, add credits, add music and save your final movie.

4. Make your own movie: (1) Divide into 4 groups (2) Select a picture book (3) Pick-up a Flip Camcorder and tripod (4) Move to assigned location (5) Storyboard your video (6) Shoot your video (7) return to the lab and download your video to each persons computer. <AT THIS POINT TAKE A SHORT BREAK> (8) Make a final product with the instructor

5. E-mail: (1) One volunteer to send a video to the instructor (2) Send a video to another person

6. Greeting Card: (1) One volunteer to send to the instructor (2) Send a card to another person

7. Snap Shot: (1) save to desktop

8. DVD - (1) prepare a video for DVD production (2) Burn your own "free" (3) Use Flip service $19.95 each

9. Online - Need to have an account