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Today we are going to look at some tips and tricks to make using Microsoft Outlook and Excel easier and more efficient. Remember that many of these items will also work in other Mircosoft products as well.


What is Outlook?

Outlook is a personal information manager. The current version is Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 for Windows. Outlook is often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, and note taking. Our district has the desktop version and a web access version.

Here is a quick reference sheet to help you:


  • Desktop Version
    • Ribbon Tabs
      • File (Info tab - Mailbox Cleanup,
      • Home (Making folders, moving emails, Categorizing and Follow Up, Rules)
      • Send and Receive (Forcing an Update of folders)
      • Folder (Create New Folders, Show in Favorites)
      • View (Change your viewing pane, Open Reminders window, Sorting)
      • Creating a Signature (Is done in a new message, Click on the Message Tab
      • Outlook Web App


  • Home (New Appointment, Inviting others, view, share calendars)
All the other Tabs are similar to the email tabs


  • Home (Add new contacts, create groups, Current View, Adding Categories, making them private)
    All the other Tabs are similar to the email tabs


  • Home (New Task, Email a Task, View, Categorizing, Private, Importance)


  • Home (New note, forward, categorize)
  • Folder (Share a Note, Permissions)


What is Excel?

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. This includes making charts, schedules, tables, graphs, or just laying out information and text that will stay "in place" when you put it there.

Understanding the basic vocabulary used in Excel:

  • Workbook
  • Worksheet
  • cell
  • ribbon
  • formula bar

Looking at the Ribbons:

  • Getting your view of the screen the way that you want it
  • Merging Cells
  • Highlighting to make changes in more than one cell
  • Adding Borders on cells
  • Editing the look and feel
  • Auto calculations
  • Formulas
  • formatting a cell

Fixing Basic mishaps with Budget Sheet

  • fixing cells when they don't add or subtract
  • finding where the text is so I can change it
  • Adding another sheet for my school account
  • Changing the tab info.

Creating your own projects

Questions and Answers

Here is a quick reference sheet to help you:
Media Budget
Reprinting Spine Labeles by Section

Here are some Web Resources: