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Using Pictures in Education
Ten Things to ask yourself before taking that picture.

Camera Usage:
3 things that are important to remember always: (1) composing a picture (2) lock focus (3) hold the camera correctly

1st Project: (importing pictures from a digital camera)
Using your digital camera or one you borrow from us, take 10 plus pictures of everyday things with-in. This would be a good time to try using the macro setting on your camera and get some close up shots. Once you have your your shots turn off you camera and wait for the next set of instructor directions.

2nd Project: editing pictures (using pre-selected picture CD, e-mail, and web albums (upload)

3rd Project: (creating a collage)
Lets use the pictures that you took to create a collage. You will need to import your pictures from the camera that you used earlier today.

4th Project: With Picasa we can also create a slideshow (movie) using still images.

5th Project: Exporting your pictures and creating a CD
Generic Instructions for getting your photos from your camera to your computer.
Photo Story - A cool way to make an easy slideshow to show off your photos!
Photo Story Tutorial