Web pages are a great way to share what is going on in your library. It is a great place to show case new books, post reviews and share with the community what is going on in your library. Today we will be looking at two different methods for creating a website for your school. There are a few things that we must keep in mind as we create this space that will represent or schools.

1- All webpages must include the districts disclosure statement at the bottom of the page.

Granite School District and its schools are not responsible for information obtained through links to .non-school, non-district sites. Please contact school or district web site staff if you are concerned about a link to a non-school, non-district site.
2- This page represent your School as well as the district. All materials must be appropriate for children to view.
3- No student information should be share on the site without the parents permission. No student photo or work should be tagged or otherwise noted that a student could be found by an outside entity.
4- Your web page will be viewable by the public. You must adhere to all copyright laws.


Introduction to Weebly